Saturday, August 20, 2011

Never my own

Turning-in Dembre made me fully realize that I don't own him. I might know him better than anyone else and love him more than anyone else, but I don't own him. People don't always get that! "He's not yours?" Nope I just raise him! It's what we do. My friend and puppy raising Mentor is raising #31. People are always shocked! "She gave back 30 dogs?" Yep! I think it's hard for people to believe that someone would go through the pain of turn-in just to serve someone else, but it's not only hard. It's not like throwing yourself in front of a gun just to block the bullet from hitting someone else. When you raise a puppy you get to love every minute of it. I've heard people compare it to raising kids. There are moments that make you smile, moments that make you want to scream, but in the end your kid graduates and goes off to college and your proud of what they did and what you did even though it hurts to let them move on!

puppy raising is watching a puppy grow from small
to big and then saying goodbye
And now for a short update on Hobart! He's as cute as ever and coming along quickly. He's only had one accident (one that he wasn't caught in the act of). He's learning "sit", "down", and "here" as well as tolerating the crate! He actually slept THROUGH THE NIGHT from 10:30 last night until  7:00 this morning! He's not extremely mouthy, but he likes to chew on everything! We'll see how it goes!

~Elijah & Hobart

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