Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dembre's Progress Report

Yesterday we received Dembre's November Progress Report. Once again Adrena sent it a week early! That's fine with me :D

 Great news!!! As I said previously Dembre successfully passed all of his 1st Semester exams, which are fairly intense. CCI doesn't want to waste time and money training a dog that they don't think will graduate so most 2nd semster dogs pass. AND his main problem, mounting, is improving. According to Adrena, "Dembre is mounting other dogs less often in the exercise yard." He's improved!!!!!!!! Everything else stayed the same so his report was POSITIVE!!!!!!!!! I'm SO PROUD!!! There's nothing negative on this report :D
Flying towards his goal!!!


~Elijah & Hobart II (With Dembre in our prayers)


  1. That is so fantastic, Elijah!! How happy and proud you must be - your memories of his first day with you through today - what a great feeling!!!

  2. WTG Mr. Puppy Raiser extraordinaire!! Made it into the 2nd semester...high five!

  3. Thanks, Elle and Mark! Mark, I'm so thrilled that we might be having our wonderful dogs graduate together :D


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