Monday, November 21, 2011

Capturing Moments Forever

Taking photos is one of my favorite things. The art of capturing life through a lens never ceases to amaze me.  I love capturing pictures with different light angles. Light is one of the most amazing things in God's creation. I've failed to become a good dog photographer. I have gotten a couple of good shots, though. Here I want to compare good and bad photos and why it makes a difference to capture good pictures. It's a good thing to think about as an "animal photographer in the making".

BAD-- I used flash without realizing that it would reflect of Dembre's black coat

GOOD-- No flash/ good natural lighting/ good eye light (animated)

OKAY-- good background, bad angle, bad eye light

BETTER-- nice light reflecting in his eyes, not sun patches

OKAY-- Cute moment, not great lighting (but no flash), bad eyelighting

BETTER-- Good light, cut in B/W, good eye light (very animated)

INTERESTING-- Cool lighting (slight lens flare to the right), Cute expression (not an ideal portrait)

GOOD-- I love how you can see my reflection in Hobart's eyes, he's not quite looking at me, though, good composition

BAD-- In some ways "cute", but not a good photo, okay eyelighting and natural light, terrible capture
~Elijah & Hobart II

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  1. You are much more critical of your photos than most bloggers! I wouldn't say any of them are bad at all, especially the first one because Dembre looks so adorable. Black dogs are tough to photograph anyway. Have you downloaded Picasa? It's a Google program and has some really great photo editing features. I love the results and find it's much easier and faster than opening up Photoshop.


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