Monday, January 2, 2012

Hobart's New Years Resolution

Hey peoples,
It's me, the one and only, Mr. Hobart! I mean Elijah, told me that there were people that read about me, but I thought it was kinda a joke, but I finally found it for myself and saw that it was really cool page.

Happy New Year, to all of ya'll! I have decided to post some of my things I want to do better in 2012! I think that what humans call a "resolution". Well, anyway here's I go!

I wanna be quicker to listen when people tell me what to do.
I wanna get to play in the snow more (once we get more!)
I'd really like to get to meet lotsa new people so's I can show them that I'm such a good puppy.
It looks fun to go out in public a lot so I think that should go on the list!
AND I'd really like my people to let me eat food off of the floor! So, would you put in a good word for me????

I also found this really old picture of me!!! 

WAGS~  Mr. Hobart the 2nd


  1. Glad to see Hobart finally found his way to the keyboard!

    Keep up the good work Hobart. Here's a little tip, leave the stuff on the floor alone! It's hopeless cause we're NEVER gonna let you eat it.

    BTW, very cute pic.

  2. Thanks mark,
    I'm very sad that I'm not allowed to eat food off of the floor, but it's good to know that other puppies have to deal with the same torture that I do!

    Thank you!

    ~Hobart :o)

  3. Oh Hobart... No wonder Elijah loves you - you're cute and have a great sense of humor! Happy 2012!

  4. Very nice picture Hobart. You are a very clever boy. Sorry but I don't think you'll ever be allowed to eat the food on the floor. :(
    Happy 2012 to you and your family!

  5. thanks for stopping by, peopleses!
    You're very nice!
    I guess I'm doomed to be a perfect dog.... unless I get released!
    Happy New Year!


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