Friday, February 24, 2012

8 for 8 (another month gone by)

Hobart is 8 months old! Is that really true? YES! A few days ago I officially picked up Hobart six months ago!!!!!!

1. Hobart is handsome! I know that doesn't improve his chances of being a service dog, but he's certainly quite good looking. Everyone wants to pet him!!!

2. Hobart is good in public! Two weeks ago we went to a debate tournament and was out in public for like 40 hours straight. That was a lot for me and him! I was very proud of him for being so good.

3.Hobart is quite intelligent. He has a good brain and he tends to use it! Though, he's not always keen on using his commands, he does learn them very fast!

4. Hobart is a great companion. He's a good comforter and friend. He doesn't need to talk he just sits next to you and puts his head up against you and tries to understand. I'm not really even joking! He makes dog emotions very clear.

5. Hobart is friendly. Dembre was a one person dog overall. He got sick of having hundreds of people asking to pet him. Dembre never gets sick of attention. He's always wags his tail and gives his happy look when people constantly invade his personal space.

6. Hobart is playful. Playing, is his favorite. He can go from serious and perfect to complete clown and goof ball. I can't really get upset about that, because at 8 months old he still isn't an adult and he has his puppy craze moments. It's actually kind of funny!

7. Hobart is another reason to keep on raising for CCI. When I got Hobart I loved him and then he got to the age of about three months and kind of started to get on my nerve (mainly because of his puppy phases). We had our struggles and it took me three more months to get a grip on the idea of Hobart's personality. Now that I have realized how I can work with him I'm happy to say that we get along great and I think he's an amazing dog!

 8. Hobart makes so many memories. The look on his face when we go running; the play bow and wagging tail when I have his Wubba; playing with Pepin in his free time; and so many other adventures. He keeps me busy, but also keeps me sane!

This day seems so far away

and this day came so soon
~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. Hobart sounds soooo much like Ansel!

  2. Wow I can't believe he's eight months already! Seems like you just got him!

  3. Very handsome dog! Happy 8 month day. Can't believe he's already that old!

  4. Elijah, did you see this video?

    It is a short video with the class that Dembre just graduated in! (you'll probably have to copy and paste the link)

  5. Thanks, Ashley! That's really neat! It's fun to see Dembre and Imelda working together!

    ~Elijah & Hobart II


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