Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9 for 9

OOOOps! Forgot that it was Hobart's 9 month day on Saturday, because it was also my little brother's birthday!!!
  1. Hobart is awesome! He has something about him that you can't help but love him
  2. Hobart is so smart! He picks up on commands quickly, though he doesn't always choose to maintain his speed on commands after he has learned them. He is still quite brilliant!
  3. Hobart is handsome! you can't help but love his face! He is so cute for being 9 months old!
  4. Hobart is comforting! He is always there by your side when you're upset or in need of a friend! He'll lean up and against you and wag his tail when you look at him, which is so cute!
  5. Hobart is good in public! He is! Every time he goes out, he continues to show me how mature he is!
  6. Hobart is energetic! Sometimes that's bad and sometimes it's good! He can get out of control and begin zooming around the house or yard, or he can just be springy and ready to go! 
  7. Hobart is quirky! That's negative and positive. He loves anything of comfort (a sleeping bag, a blanket, a bed, or a rug). He also likes to test how much he can get away with, without being corrected out right! 
  8. Hobart is such a fun puppy! I get frustrated with Hobart at least once a day, since he's slightly pushy and a little bit troublesome from time to time, but he's still such an amazing pup. He has lots of personality and makes my life interesting!
  9. Hobart is AMAZING! That's kind of cliche and doesn't necessarily mean much ,but it does to me! He's so outgoing and loves life! I'm not sure that I'd like to be raising any other puppy!
sleepy pup :D
 ~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. Can' t believe he is already 9 months old. He sounds like a bundle of fun!

  2. WOW, doesn't quite seem possible. I know for a fact it was just last week you were picking him up!! :)

    And, saw a truck for a company named Hobart today on my way to work - made me think of you guys!

  3. Ha ha! Hobart is like a welding company that makes restaurant ovens and washing machines and such!


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