Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snapshot from a happy life

In church!!!
This makes me so happy!!!! Dembre is where he belongs! Imelda is happy, Dembre is happy! I've been hearing about their work together and I know that it is the best possible match. Dembre is an awesome pup and Imelda is an awesome person and they've become fast friends! My work isn't done yet, but mission one has been completed 110%!!! I'm so blessed to see snapshots from my (her) puppy's life!

Spring is here and Hobart and Pepin are enjoying the cold hard wood floors after playing outside in beautiful 80 degree weather! Hobart is loving this weather!!!!  

my two pups relaxing on a warm day   

~Elijah & Hobart II



  1. Seeing Hobart makes me miss Haddie!! She drags a leash too in our house - did Dembre do the same, or is this for a specific reason with Hobart?

  2. Where's Haddie? YEp, he drags his leash around most days! It's easier that way and I have more control! Yep, I do that until their about 9 or 10 months

  3. Oh,that's so neat! Thanks for sharing the picture!

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