Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Long Awaited Post

First let me apologize for not blogging for SO long! I have been so busy with school and traveling that I just haven't had chance to sit down and write down my thoughts for you all!

I spent the month of August on the road, visiting 13 states and seeing numerous amazing things! For that month of travel Hobart went off to spend some time with my friend, and veteran puppy raiser, Marty. Unfortunately, his not as pleasant side was revealed and well, things don't look positive for him passing. I can't say I'm surprised. Hobart loves to play and be a dog.

Hobart is still an amazing dog! We considered having him evaluated for early release, but it was decided that it would be better for us to just hold off a few more months (until November) for Hobart to turn-in normally. I'm disappointed for sure, but not all dogs have the same future. We'll see what happens then!

He continues to be my boy and I love him to death!

In regards to the next pup... I'm really busy over the winter since I've chosen to do an intense speech and debate program and we decided it would be better to hold off on getting another pup until I have a little more time on my hands! Around New Year I'm hopefully going to start on puppy #3 and co-raise with my friend, Marty! I'm looking forward to that very much!

Hobart is now 15 months old and is just so grown up! Though, he might not hold up as a Service pup he'll make someone very , very happy!

I'm so sorry for not posting in so long! I'll be back with more soon :)

Hobart and Hobart

one arena for a very cute puppy!


big horn sheep in Utah

Bryce Canyon- Utah

Flagstaff, Arizona!

me (arches- Utah)


Grand Canyon -Arizona

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
best wishes and blessings!
~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. Your vacation photos are Amazing! What a great experience!! Sorry to read about Hobart, but every Raiser wants their pups happy, and sounds like he'll be most happy to be a forever, loving buddy. No surprise, Hobart and Haddie look IDENTICAL!!! =)

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, I guess I came to the point where i realized that he might just not WANT to work. You can't make a pup what he's not I guess, but there's always another puppy :)
    How's Haddie doing? They do look identical!

  3. So far so good with Haddie. She really is a great dog and performs great with her vest, and her home manners have certainly improved more to "adult like" versus puppy. I wouldn't say she has the highest drive, but she listens, does what is asked, and nothing phases her in public. While our Trainer thinks Haddie knows her stuff and is consistent, she also has "warned" us throughout training that Haddie does not seem super excited (hardly wags her tail). Perhaps something like Hobart - she will work, but does she Want to? Her tail wags when socializing with people, or playing - then it is a motor that won't turn off. It'll be interesting to see what CCI thinks about her when she returns in February. I would rather see all puppies in a life that makes them happy, than be working, and not happy. Hobart will be happy - he's so darn cute - his forever family will enjoy him. Do you have a family in mind if he is released?

  4. I hope Haddie does great :) Whether Hobart and Haddie become service dogs or not it's been a great experience. Yeah, we have a few different families that are interested :)


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