Thursday, October 18, 2012

a few more weeks

Hobart only has less than a month left with me... I feel kind of lost to be honest.
Time has gone so quickly that I don't feel like it's even started yet!
I feel privileged to have been able to raise Hobart and see him grow up so quickly!

though, I will be taking a break from puppy raising over the winter... I'll still make sure
to check in on updates about when the next puppy is coming and other details!

Thank you all for being so faithful in following me on my journey thus far! You've
all encouraged me so much... I look forward to puppy #3 and getting to read more
about all of your pups!

I'll be getting some new pics of Hobart and I before turn-in so we can remember him
even better!

God Bless,
~Elijah & Hobart II

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