Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have come to realize that I need to up Dembre's expectancy level. Dembre is a little angel if I give him a command such as "Sit","Down",or "Here". He also consistently does "Up", "Jump", "Let's Go", "Hurry" and quite a few more. I thought he knew "Heel" and "Side"... until yesterday night at puppy class. I realize that Dembre is just following the leash to the side I want him at. If I had him of leash he'd be clueless about what to do when I cued him with either of those to commands. I have decided he needs to do those consistently before I teach him anything new.

Goal- Work with Dembre until he knows "Heel" and "Side" , anywhere, anytime, on the first command!!!!

~Elijah & Dembre


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