Friday, November 26, 2010


My little guy at 12 weeks
Dembre & I enjoyed Thanksgiving at home with wonderful family and a great group of friends. Dembre did a quiet "down" under the table while we feasted. I'm sure that he was thinking "And all I get is dog food!" Service dogs do have to learn to be much more selfless than any puppy raiser. We enjoyed games, conversations, and lots of other fun. I can't believe we've entered the Christmas season!!!
I'm off school today, but we aren't really doing anything. It's "Black Friday", but no shopping or door buster deals for me.
I'm supposed to be working at the CCI Barnes & Noble gift wrapping for the early morning shift tomorrow morning. That shift is 9:45-2:00. Since Dembre and I are working at the Barnes & Noble in Easton we have to leave by 8:45 :( Plus we've had some problems with setting up our shift. Originally we were told by a volunteer helping set up the gift wrapping that we had to be there at 11:00 not 10:00. Then it was misunderstood that my Mom was going to volunteer too so basically I was the only one signed up. So we're still trying to figure out what to do, because my Mom's planning to drop Dembre and I off and there have to be two people working, which we don't think there are.

By the way everybody please stop by and follow the blog of CCI breeder mom Omeeka.

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  1. Loved seeing the photos of Dembre! God Bless you both as you continue your journey together. You are truely changing people's lives--my own son's CCI service dog just passed away October 8, after having been matched with her for 11 years. His dog--Lauren--changed my son's life. Without a puppy raiser, this miracle would not have happened.


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