Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Caroling and Photo Shoot

On Sunday Hobart and I went caroling with a large group of friends. We went to a retirement home and went from room caroling. Quite a few people were thrilled to see a dog and didn't want him to leave. Hobart, being the good dog that he is, was very sweet and calm and didn't get excited. I was happy, since that was his first "real" outing, though he's been to a lot more stressful places.
Hobart sleeping at the retirement home
I also did a final photo shoot before the snow comes. I'll get pics then too, but until then here they are.

So adorable

He LOOKED at the camera :D

Picture perfect

Mr. Handsome

He was GOOD for all of these pics
Puppy Blur  
Merry Almost Christmas, Everyone!

~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. Glad Hobart is doing so well. Love the pictures. can't decide which one I like best though.
    Merry early Christmas.

  2. Thanks!!! I was very happy with the pics myself :D

    ~Elijah (& Hobart II)


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