Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dembre News, Hobart's Puppy Class, Weigh-in, etc...

I have a lot to say :D

We got Dembre's FINAL WRITTEN report!!!! At the end of next month we will get his final report via the phone (as long as he has not been released by that time).

His report was really good!!!!! He is officially working on all of his commands with his handler on foot and in a wheelchair. According to the report, "Dembre is responsive to commands and responds to correction for distractions." Once again he has mounted other dogs in the play yard, but it has decreased and is not a concern. If Dembre graduates he will graduate on Friday, February, 17th. That's not very far away!!!!

I also got to say "hi" to Dembre at class today! His kennel mate switched.... again, so he is with Gallaghar II. It took me a minute to tell the two apart, but one of the dogs was more excited to see me and came to Dembre's name so I figured it out which dog he was. I got to give him a hug and tell him that I'm so very proud of him. I can't wait to see him.... if it's God's will... GRADUATE AS A SERVICE DOG!!!!!!

I turned in Mr. Dembre in August and now four months later he's SO close to graduation

I also went to class at CCI today (for the first time in five weeks) and picked up Hobart from his puppy sitter. Connie, who puppy sat him for me, said that she liked him and thought he was a "good dog" in CCI terms. That's good for me to hear, because it's been hard for me to see Hobart as a good dog. I'm really excited that a puppy raiser on number 21 can say that my 2nd pup is doing fine!

It was really nice to have class and catch up with my CCI friends! I enjoyed encouragement from other puppy raisers and lots of good training tips! I've really missed not being able to get a reality check from other, more experienced raisers.

now..... last and definitely least..... Hobart now ways 50 lbs. !!!!!

Hobart on day one (2 months)

Hobart last week (5 months)
~Elijah & Hobart II (With Dembre in our prayers)


  1. your 5 month old puppy now officially weighs as much as my 21 month old puppy. Haha!

    It's always a hard transition between dog #1 and dog #2. But they all have their different personalities and different quirks. It took me a while to see that Rocco was a good boy as well since I was so use to Freya.

  2. Ha ha, Hobart is pretty HUGE! :D

    It's good to remember that other people have a hard time transitioning between puppy one and two :)

    Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. Great news about Dembre!!

    Keep up the good work with Hobart and remember....have fun.

  4. Thanks, Mark!
    Congrats once again on Ansel :D

  5. Congratulations on Dembre! Sounds like he is doing awesome! Heidi didn't reach 50 lbs. until she was a year and is still sitting at 50 lbs.


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