Friday, August 16, 2013

Strange, huh?

#1 I'm back from Russia.

#2 The affect that we have as puppy raisers is pretty cool. Like two years ago I was at the dentist's office getting my teeth cleaned and I had Dembre with me. The hygienist told me that her husband was a physical therapist and that he might be interested in getting a CCI facility dog. I gave her some information on how she could get connected into CCI and never saw her again..

I was informed that today her husband graduated with a facility dog to work with his patients every day.

Weird, huh?

One little conversation two years ago leads to a lot of lives effected for the better!

I miss CCI every day!



  1. That is amazing - and what a neat memory that you can carry with you, that YOU made a direct difference that day, when you thought it was just a typical conversation about CCI. ;) There was no match for Haddie for today's Graduation, but she is staying in Adv Training waiting for that perfect someone. Yay! Crossing fingers for November.

    1. It is a cool story!

      Congrats on her still being in! That's really, really exciting. "H" litter represent!


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